Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly

The English editions of the textbook are published and distributed worldwide by Carl Hanser Verlag (Munich, Germany) and Hanser Publications (Cincinnati, OH).

The Chinese edition of the textbook is published and distributed by Chemical Industry Press of Beijing, China

Excerpts: English Editions

    Forward to 9th Edition by Mr. Jeff Hemhill, 2020-2021 SAE President & Chief Technical Officer – Schaeffler Group USA, Inc., Wooster, OH
    Preface to 9th Edition by Ms. Neelam Kaswa, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Tesla Inc., Freemont, CA
    Forward to 8th Edition by Mr. Douglas E. Patton, SAE President & Executive Vice President/Chief Technical Officer – DENSO International America, Southfield, MI
    Preface to 8th Edition by Mr. Wim De Vos, CEO, Society of Plastics Engineers, Ronse, East Flanders, Belgium
    Preface to 7th Edition by Mr. David M. Paris, Esq., Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy Co., L.P.A., Cleveland, OH
    Preface to 6th Edition by Mr. Jeff Lubbers, PE, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Tuscaloosa, AL
    Preface to 5th Edition by Mr. Joerg-Uwe Szipl, Esq., Griffin & Szipl, P.C., Arlington, VA
    Preface to 4th Edition by Dr. Kishor S. Mehta, Bayer, Pittsburgh, PA
    Preface to 3rd Edition by Mr. Glenn L. Beall, Glenn Beall Plastics, Libertyville, IL
    Forward to 2nd Edition by Mr. Henry (Ari) Sayag, Mecaplast, Monte Carlo
    Preface to 2nd Edition by Mr. John E. Fillion, DaimlerChrysler, Auburn Hills, MI
    Forward to 1st Edition by Dr. Donald A. Baxa, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
    Preface to 1st Edition by Dr. Peter Dewhurst, University of Rhode Island, Providence, RI

Excerpts: Chinese Edition

    Preface to 1st Edition by Mr. Paul A. Tres, ETS, Bloomfield Hills, MI

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