He is an excellent speaker and it was a privilege to get exposure from a master in the industry.

Cassandra Cape, Interior Injection Molding Supplier Quality - BMW Manufacturing Company

Overall the presentation and the exercises were very good.

Balakrishnan Kuppusamy, CAE Engineer - Sogefi Group

The "Automotive Plastic Part Design" seminar was the most engaging seminar I had until now.

Sagar Shinde, Product Development Engineer - Schaeffler Group USA

Excellent speaker!

Kiran Bodapati, Engineer - Hitachi Automotve Systems America

Enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Great speaker.

Jessica Kuzinski, Product Design Engineer - Flex-N-Gate

Excellent class. Excellent instructor. I wish I had him on speed dial while designing.

Casey McKellar, Product Development Engineer - Disher Design & Development

Really enjoyed the content. Very informative. The historical cases/real investigations really sold the importance of topics.

Garrett Vanderhoof, Project Engineer - dlhBowles

All the historical stories were very interesting + good real-life examples.

Matthew Strieber, Engineering Manager Advanced Development - TI Fluid Systems

The training filled in a lot of gaps my experiential knowledge. I appreciated how Paul went into more detail than “I recommend this or that”. I feel like he did a great job at explaining the why.

Anthony Immormino, Application Development Engineer - Covestro

I loved the use of examples and exercises. I learn best through problem solving and this really help me retain the material!

Miranda Simpson, Engineer - Hyundai America Technical Center Inc.

Instructor's knowledge was impressive and practical that helped explain complex issues simply and throughly

Michael Felsburg, Business Development Manager - SABIC Specialty Business Unit

Paul did an excellent job providing real life case studies.

Peter Cureton, Key Account Manager - Radici Plastics USA

Mr. Tres is very impresive, very knowledgeable.

Matthew Artrip, Senior Designer - Stanley Black & Decker

Good seminar!

Joseph Balanda, Design Engineer - Hyundai America Technical Center Inc.

Overall one of the best courses for automotive plastics I've attended in 20 years

Stephen T. Green, Principal Engineer - Consolidated Metco

Very informed. Could answer any question.

Colin Strate, Product Engineer - Flex-N-Gate Corporation

I do like it very much, because I am Electronic Engineer and I work as Project Manager, so for me this seminar was very interesting to improve my knowledge.

Alex Cortes Cabello, BV Operations Launch Manager - Continental Automotive Systems

Excellent all around. Nothing but good things to say. Great real world examples + videos + parts brought in!.

Michael Salt, Development Engineer - Mahle Behr USA

Overall really good content and practical examples + demonstrations. Would recommend for all professional engineering fields for plastic design.

James Patton, Head of Development Americas - Draexlmaier Automotive of America

I liked the group discussions. Paul did a very good job.

Kalea Ralls, Specialist - BMW Manufacturing Company

Very technical good information to use in plastic part design.

Chris Woodthorp, Senior Product Development Engineer - ADAC Automotive

Real case studies are great.

Adam Gofton, Product Engineer - Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

The book and binder are awesome.

Simon Anderson, Design Intern - Kostal of America

Paul was great. Seriously, I'd take him over many of my college instructors.

Jacob Preston, Senior Mechanical Engineer - Stanley Black & Decker

All topics are relevant. Liked the case studies.

Donald Hoffmann, Design Manager - Brose North America

Overall a very intensive topic. Really enjoyed the case studies.

Dean Wolfe Jr., Design Manager - Inalfa Roof Systems

Very helpful in troubleshooting problems with current suppliers. Paul very knowledgeable - would highly recommend him.

Sean Rountree, Parts Quality Engineer - Mercedes-Benz US International

Best course at Daimler Trucks North America, very detailed, yet very practical.

Michael Health, Senior Engineer - Daimler Trucks North America

I liked the vast array of topics covered, very diverse and helpful.

Michael Rice, Product Development Engineer - Hella Electronics

Injection molding and snap-fits were most helpful for what I do day to day, as well as supplier visits, to understand processing defects.

Antonio M. Johns III, Parts Quality Engineer - Mercedes-Benz US International

Knowledgeable speaker, lots of history and facts. Good humored.

Steve Griffiths, Design Engineer - Daimler Trucks North America

Very well organized. Very informative class, one of the best I have attended.

Bert Powell, Project Manager - TE Connectivity - Telecom Networks

I thought it was put together nicely with group interactions, video, PPT, and examples with hands on samples.

Ben Hooks, Project Engineer - Seats Inc.

All material was relevant to applications utilizing plastic design details provided on snap fits and additional resources will come in good use.

Andy Hengstebeck, Project Engineer - Shaw Development

Paul knows the material well.

James Solo, Designer - Brose North America

Overall, I thought the program was very informative and easily understood.

Steve Inniger, Development Engineer - Voss Automotive

Very good material and instructor.

Kyle Anthony, Engineer - Keihin North America R & D Technical Department

Great class. Great Material!

Jason Clifford, Senior Mechanical Engineer - Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

Class was well paced + very informative subjects

Nicholas Tresnak, Design Engineer - Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG

The best training course I ever had, gave me a lot of confidence to deal with plastics.

Mohamed El-Hofy, PhD Research Student - University of Birmingham, UK

Having parts on hand for example is best for engineers. Also examples of case studies were very meaningful. Very good seminar. I learned many useful things to take back to my job. I will never look at plastic parts the same way. .

John Lipp, Interior Cab Design Engineer - Bobcat Company

Very intensive learning experience. Presenter did very well in making the content interesting.

Robert Viscosi, Lead Mechanical Engineer - Maximatecc

Kind of dense for 3 days, but we covered a lot of areas in detail.

Joszef Kovacsh, Engineer - Yazaki North America

Excellent! Great recap from previous days content.

James Embach, Senior Product Engineer - Flextronics

I really enjoyed the beginning of the class when we talked about the future of the industry..

David Woodlock, Mechanical Design Engineer - Hewlett Packard Printing Solutions

I really liked the use of case histories!

David Peterson, Design Engineer - Mahle Powertrain

I liked the broad coverage of material. Gave me a good idea of what I would like to expand on.

Kevin Gluski, Design Engineer - Toyota Boshoku America

Handouts were big help. Being able to take notes was perfect.

Tony Flanigan, Seat Engineer - Lear Corporation

Excellent - Paul kept on schedule and finished course content.

David A. Okonski, Staff Research Engineer - GM Research & Development Center

Paul is a very knowledgeable speaker and kept the subject interesting.

Shea Szabo, Senior Project Engineer - Kostal North America

Speaker did an excellent job of clearly explaining a large amount of detailed information in a short time.

Timothy Stevens, Purchasing Compliance Engineer - Seats Inc.

Good blend of application/practice/analysis.

Aleko Sotiriades, Senior Mechanical Staff Engineer - Kohler Engines

Speaker Paul Tres was very entertaining and kept my interest. Felt I was getting my money's worth. Well done.

Joshua Hopersberger, Industrial Designer - Yazaki North America

This was one of the best courses I have ever taken because it relates to directly what I do. I now have more confidence with my designs!

Erik Oberg, Engineer - Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing

Speaker was exceptionally knowledgeable in this field! I found the class exercises useful - I would like to have had the time for additional ones.

Benjamin Demicco, Mechanical Engineer - Bose Corporation

It was great!

Brenda Sofia Huerta Garcia, Manager Decorative Plastics NAFTA - Continental Automotive Guadalajara Mexico

Great seminar. Covered everything I needed to know about plastics.

Jeremy White, Senior Design Engineer - Club Car LLC

The seminar gave me information I can easily implement in future designs. This seminar has something for entry-level and experienced designers.

Michael Bohnsack, Design Engineer - Polaris Industries

Instructor is very knowledgeable, but I would prefer a slower pace and a narrower scope of materials.

Neil Jauquet, Senior Project Engineer - Oshkosh Defense

Never a dull moment. One of the best classes I have attended! The real life stories and hands on samples were great!

Jennifer Aittama, Senior Mechanical Engineer - Clarion Corporation of America

Liked the recommendations and expert tips.

Raul E. Ortega, Design Manager - Kostal Mexicana SA de CV

Lots of supporting resources given - GREAT! Very well paced ...

Robert Miller, Project Engineer - Inteva Products

Paul was very knowledgeable on subject matter and has extensive working knowledge in the automotive applications. Very good class and highly recommended.

Kevin Schneider, Project Engineer - FTE Automotive

Well done, very informative!

Donald J. Harris, Lead Design Engineer - General Motors - PT Mounts

I liked actual cases Paul brought up!

Koki Iwazaki, Senior Engineering Manager - Sony Electronics, Automotive Vision Technology

Instructor was excellent - information on snap-fit and living hinge design was the most useful and concise I have seen - it will enable me to consider these options more in the future.

Scott Willard, Senior Development Engineer - Lear Corporation

Case histories - Excellent!

Palmo D'Ippolito, Engineering Manager - Henniges Automotive Schlegel Canada

Paul is very knowledgeable person with a huge experience package.

Voytek Marcola, Senior Designer - Federal-Mogul Corporation

Very good speaker.

Abby Liubakka, Design Engineer - Tennant Company

Well done!

Ron Lang, Senior Program Manager - National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

Very thorough course to help bring inexperienced designers up to speed in short amount of time ...

Grant Loberg, Design Engineer - Professional Tool Manufacturing

I love the case studies - what was good versus what was wrong with actual parts.

Gordy Schmidt, Project Designer - Toro Company

Very good class!

Hasan Yasin, R & D Team Leader - RecepTec LLC, a division of Laird Technology

A good overview. All bases were covered in the class.

Scott Robertson, Sales Engineer - Luxi Lighting

All the case studies were very relevant.

John Jacob, IT Analyst - Tata Consultancy Services, a division of Tata Group

Very good, and still managed to stop to answer many questions. We will send all our new designers to your class.

Daryn Bertelson, Mechanical Design Engineer - Johnson Outdoors, Marine Electronics

Excellent verbal presentation methods: a) to explain the concepts from the first principles quickly yet thoroughly, b) backed up with in-depth esoteric knowledge & application methods!

Franco Acacia, Design Engineer - Magna Advanced Technologies

In a world where young engineers lack mentors & proper guidance to advance their knowledge - Paul provides a great stepping stone for all budding design engineers in 3 days.

William Shane Walts, Product Engineer Air Purifying Products - Tyco Scott Health and Safety

Excellent class for the introduction of "engineering" into plastic part design rather than black magic & experience.

Dan Dovel, Product Development Engineer - Professional Tool Manufacturing

Great job!

Fumiaki Tago, Mechanical Engineer - Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

Dependent upon level of individual participating in seminar some of the topics covered were very in depth and a novice could benefit greatly.

Marvin Carroll, Program Manager - Meridian Automotive Systems

It was paced well. However due to the extensive material coverage we sometimes had to move fast on certain calculations. I would have liked to see more detail in dimensional choices.

Kerem Munir, Project Engineer - Behr America Inc.

...this seminar covered in depth information on the design process that far exceeded my expectations.

Matthew Miles, Engineer - The Raymond Corporation

The content is very good and illustrations are impressive.

Mohan Raja Dasu, Product Development Engineer - IntroTech, Inc.

The class is loaded with useful info. I don't want to miss one thing.

Stefan Betz, Development Engineer - Mercedes-Benz U.S. International

Paul Tres is a great instructor who uses stories, examples, and real life situations to leave a lasting impression on the student concerning different aspects of plastic part design.

David Perry, Senior Product Engineer - Autoliv

This course is an excellent introduction to plastic design and also contains much for those who already have plastic design experience.

Robert E. Wattleworth, Engineering Supervisor - Visteon Automotive Systems

This is likely the most informative class I've ever taken.

Jeffrey Lubbers, Development Engineer - Mercedes-Benz U.S. International

Mr. Tres was careful to cover info in such a way as to be useful to people with a variety of disciplines.

Norman B. Horton, Design Engineer - Faraday, Inc.

Examples of redesigns were great! They are very practical. In general the course was very informative. Thanks!

Kare Koehler, Product Development Director - K1

Very knowledgeable on subject, kept class going. Info learned will be directly applicable to job. A lot of info to cover in two days.

Brian Boyer, Application Development - Summit Polymers

Instructor is very knowledgeable and has valuable experience which he shared well.

Brian Vaughn, R & D Engineer - First Inertia Switch

Enjoyed problem solving exercises, locations on internet was good, so were software programs.

Tim Matthews, Design Engineer - Johnson Controls, Inc.

I will be able to bring sounder preliminary designs to my design engineers. I will be able to do more of the designing myself and be more effective working with designers.

Ken Cenicola, Applications Engineer - Teleflex Automotive

Gives me the knowledge to work with others and understand the technical discussions.

James Haling, Supervisor - Ford Motor

It has opened my eyes in multiple categories and those will assist me in my daily activities.

Ken Tomerlin, Senior Designer - Eaton Automotive Controls Division

The course books and materials will make excellent reference material at my company.

Michael Borus, Product Engineer - Tennex Industries, Inc.

Impressed with instructor and his ability to give good, internationally examples of course topics.

Philip Heienreich, Mechanical Engineer - Naval Air Warfare Center

Interesting speaker. Very knowledgeable.

Peter Boucher, Manufacturing Development Engineer - Hewlett-Packard

I thought the balance of instruction was very good.

James P. Wille, Senior Design Engineer - Landis & Staefa

The course strength is based on the knowledge of the instructor.

Jeff Antonucci, Engineering Manager - Southco Manufacturing

Presentation of complex ideas in a simple and easy to understand way. Paul is very good (and humorous) presenter. He made the topics more interesting than they otherwise might have been.

David B. Robinson, Senior Designer - Scimed Life Systems

The instructor was clear in his presentation, answered the questions in great, clear detail.

Robert Burtis, Senior Lead Designer - Valeo

Mr. Tres is very experienced, knowledgeable and an excellent speaker - a rare combination.

Scott Jarman, Senior Manufacturing Engineer - Raychem

This was well organized and presented - Excellent!

Greg Perez, Manufacturing Engineer - Ford Motor

Mr. Tres is a very effective instructor and I would highly recommend this course to others in the mechanical engineering field.

Michael A. Kurk, Mechanical Design Engineer - Naval Air Warfare Center

Great application course - clear explanations.

Dr. Dennis Ferguson, Molding Specialist - 3M Company

Very informative and useful. Step by step design algorithm will be quite useful in day to day design work.

Mahyar Esmaili, Mechanical Engineer - Interbold

The information presented will change the way I design press/snap-fits. My overall feeling about the class is very useful not only for me but others as well.

Richard Horstman, Designer - Proctor & Gamble

What a value to be with such an expert!

Michael Blicher, CGM Director - Magna International

All you need to know about PP in one day.

Michael Jackson, Development Engineer - Johnson Controls, Inc.

Although quite a bit of information was packed into two days the class was invaluable!

Gregory Dvorchak, Product Engineering Manager - Motion Control Industries

I really thought the content and instructor were top notch.

Christopher Bezzina, Project Engineer - KIP, Inc.

Speaker was very knowledgeable and kept interest of audience.

Wendi Feldstein, Engineering Service Manager - Crestron Electronics

Very pleased - we gained valuable information.

Rick Tamburrino, Engineering Manager - Welch Allyn Inc.

Excellent overall view of all areas in plastic part design.

Tony Osgood, Project Manager - Ovonic Battery

Overall the seminar was excellent. Probably, one of the best I have attended as a professional.

Daniel C. LaMendola, Senior Mechanical Engineer - NEC America, Inc.

Fascinating case histories effectively illustrated common design pitfalls. Paul's solutions will enable us to control process problems long before we release a part for tooling.

Kenneth Weber, Design Engineer - AFL Automotive

This course provides me with insight to the myriad of choices to plastics designs and manufacturing.

Richard J. Stoyka, Release Engineer - Chrysler Corporation

Very good class. I liked the examples & talking about subjects that relate directly to my career.

Peter Merckx, Product Designer - Visteon Automotive Systems

Good overview presentation, well organized presentation materials. Good instruction experience; appeared to have been involved in design of many of these types.

Thomas A. Dailey, Sales Engineer - W.L. Gore & Associates, Industrial Products Division

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