Designing Plastics Parts for Assembly

Foreword to 1st Edition

Dr. Donald E. Baxa,

University of Wisconsin - Madison

February, 1994 Madison, Wisconsin

Knowing well the work and many special talents of Paul A. Tres, I take delight in the opportunity to introduce his new book, Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly, and recommend it to a broad range of readers. Material engineers, design and manufacturing engineers, graduate and under–graduate students, and all others with an interest in design for assembly or plastic components development now have a clearly written, method-oriented resource.

This practical book is an outgrowth of the like-named University of Wisconsin –Madison course which is being offered nationally and internationally. Just as his lectures in the course provide a detailed yet simplified discussion of material selection, manufacturing techniques, and assembly procedures, this book will make his unique expertise and effective teaching method available to a much larger audience.

Mr. Tres's highly successful instructional approach is evident throughout the book. Combining fundamental facts with practical techniques and a down–to–earth philosophy, he discusses in detail joint design and joint purpose, the geometry and nature of the component parts, the type of loads involved, and other vital information crucial to success in this dynamic field. Treatment of this material is at all times practice–oriented and focuses on everyday problems and situations.

In addition to plastics, Mr. Tres has expert knowledge in computer software, having directed the development of DuPont's design software. The course at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is indirectly an outgrowth of the software he designed for living hinges and snap fits at DuPont.

Mr. Tres holds numerous patents in the plastics field. He is known worldwide for his expertise in computer programming, manufacturing processes, material selection and project management on both a national and international scale.

Most recently, Mr. Tres's accomplishments have earned him the DuPont Automotive Marketing Excellence Award as well as recognition in the 1994–1995 edition of Who's Who Worldwide.

Whether you are just entering the field, or are a seasoned plastic parts designer, Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly is an excellent tool that will facilitate cost-effective design decisions, and help to ensure that the plastic parts and products you design stand up under use.

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