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For over 20 years, ETS Inc. has been the peerless industry standard for advanced plastics consulting in both design and assembly. Whether providing...

+ Training and development to some of the biggest and most successful automotive, consumer electronics, home appliance, construction equipment, aviation, and medical device companies across the world

+ Expert witness testimonial and litigation support to multi-million dollar settlements regarding product failure and patent infringement

+ Specialized consulting for product development and marketing

...ETS Inc. has consistently provided top-tier technical support and business intelligence services in a cost-effective and actionable manner.

Selected Clients

What People Are Saying About Our Training Seminars

"This is likely the most informative class I've ever taken."
Development Engineer - Mercedes-Benz US International

"Well done, very informative!"
Lead Design Engineer - General Motors

"All the case studies were very relevant."
IT Analyst - Tata Consultancy Services

"Impressed with instructor and his ability to give good, international examples of course topics."
Mechanical Engineer - Naval Air Warfare Center

"Interesting speaker. Very knowledgeable."
Manufacturing Development Engineer - Hewlett-Packard

"The information presented will change the way I design press/snap-fits. My overall feeling about the class is very useful not only for me but others as well."
Designer - Proctor & Gamble

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The centerpiece of Paul A. Tres' Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly and Automotive Plastics Part Design seminars is his best-selling book, Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly, now at its 7th edition.

Click to read
+ An excerpt of the book on the publisher's website
+ Prefaces to each of the book's seven editions
+ Preface to the Chinese edition.

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