Plastic Part Design Webinar

Presented in partnership with Geometric Limited.

Understanding Critical Aspects of Plastic Part Design and Manufacturing

Plastic parts are essential components of most of the industries starting from Automotive to hi-tech electronics and household products from toys to kitchen appliances. Plastic is possibly the most versatile and economical material used in many applications. Developing plastic products in the shortest possible time at the right cost and quality gives organizations a definitive edge over their competitors. Therefore, manufacturers across the globe pay special attention to the time spent in bringing a new product/variant to the market. Optimizing this process right from the design stage has a domino effect on the entire lifecycle. Design decisions taken early in the cycle affect not only the cost of the product but also contribute to its quality and life-span.

However it is important to understand the critical design parameters while designing plastic components –

§  Wall thickness

§  Undercuts

§  Ribs

§  Bosses

§  Drafts

§  Holes

§  Radii and many more critical areas

Join us for a webinar, to understand the in-depth design aspects of plastic products.


Paul A. Tres, founder - Engineering Training Services, bestselling author and an international speaker on plastic product development and design having years of experience in design, marketing, selling and manufacture of plastic components and system. Mr. Tres offers a broad perspective of the plastic industry in general and to the plastic marketing, manufacturing, material selection, and part design in special. He will explain the best design practices in detail with examples and case studies.

Nikhil Dalvi, Strategic Account Manager, Geometric, who will demonstrate the advance CAD based technology to ensure producible injection molding design. You will also understand how this advanced technology can simplify life of a design and manufacturing engineer and help to reduce downstream manufacturing problems and improve productivity.

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