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Tradename Material Manufacturer
Oasis PI film DuPont
Ocalio Cellulose acetate biopolymer Solvay
Ocean Enplex ABS/PVC Ocean Plastics Ltd.
Octa LCP Dainippon Ink & Chemicals
Octal PET Octal Petrochemicals
Oekuflex TPE Oekutec GmbH
Oekustiff Wood filled PE, PP, PVC Oekutec GmbH
Oflorine PVDF Shanghai Ofluorine Chemical Technology Co. Ltd.
Oilamid Cast PA Licharz GmbH
Oilon Cast PA Nylacast
Okirol-EF EPS Dioki Organska Petrokemija
Okiten LDPE Dioki Organska Petrokemija
Okulen UHMWPE, PP, PTFE, PVDF Ottensteiner Kunststoff GmbH & Co.KG
Olaprene PUR Philippine Technische Kunststoffe KG
Olefista TPO Mitsubishi Chemical
Oleflex TPO Riken Technos
Oleform PP Chisso
Olehard PP Chisso
Olen Recycled PP AD Compound S.p.A.
Olesafe PP Chisso
Oltpur PUR Oltchim SA
Oltvil S-PVC Oltchim SA
Omay PC film, PC sheet Suzhou Omay Optical Material Ltd.
Omercon PAni Ormecon GmbH
Omikron PP Tecnopol s.p.a.
OmniCarb PC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET Celanese
OmniLon PA Celanese
OmniPro PP Celanese
Omnis PA Solvay
OmniTech ABS, HDPE, PBT, PET, POM Celanese
Omsky SBR Omsk
Omyafoam PUR Omya AG
Omycarb PVC Omya AG
Omyalene PP Omya AG
Omyalite PVC Omya AG
OnFlex-V TPE-V Avient
OnForce-V Long fiber reinforced PA, PP Avient
Ongro CPE Borsodchem RT
Ongronat PU, PVC Borsodchem RT
Ongrovil PVC Borsodchem RT
Onlymide PAI Kolon Industries
Opalene LLDPE, PP, UHMWPE ONGC Petro additions Ltd.
OPL PVOH film Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Opnyl PA 6, PA 66 Ovation Polymers
OPPalyte Oriented PP film ExxonMobil Chemical
Optamid PA G. Schwartz GmbH + Co KG
Optema EMA copolymer ExxonMobil Chemical
OpteSTAT Nanocarbon filled PA, PC, POM, PP Ovation Polymers
Optic Biaxially oriented PP film Poly Pacific Pty Ltd
Opticarb PC/ABS The Materials Group
Optiflex Clear TPE Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers
Optilac ABS The Materials Group
Optilon PA The Materials Group
Optim PA, PP PLUSS Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.
Optimax PC Polymer Options LLC
Optimide LCP Optatech
Optimum Copolyester Rauh Polymers
Optipro PP The Materials Group
Optistyle CA LA/ES Laminati Estrusi Termoplastici S.p.a.
Optix PMMA Plaskolite
Optim PA, PP PLUSS Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd.
Optinyl Biopolymers Rodenburg Biopolymers B.V.
Optrene PE, PP, TPO Ovation Polymers
Optum PP alloy Ferro
Orbilan PP, TPE, UHMWPE Orbilan Kunststoffwerk GmbH
Orel PET DuPont
Oretel SEBS Ningbo Oretel Polymer
Orevac Grafted PP, PE Arkema Group
Orgalloy PA alloys Arkema Group
Orgasol PA Arkema Group
Orientene PP Oriental Petrochemicals Company
Orkot Polyester thermoset Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Orlon Acrylic fiber DuPont
Ormecon PAni Ormecon GmbH
Oroglas PMMA Arkema Group
Oromid PA Rhodia
Orsoft Polyethers Orsa Foam S.p.A.
Orthtek PEEK Greene, Tweed & Co.
Osakryl Vinyl Synthos SA
Osstyrol ABS, ASA, HDPE, PP sheet Hagedorn AG
Osterlene HDPE, LLDPE, HIPS, MPS, PP Osterman & Co.
Othene LDPE Oswal Group
Overflex TPE Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers
Owipian EPS Synthos SA
Owispol PS Synthos SA
OxiShield EVOH film Advansix Inc.
Oxnilon PA 6, PA 66 Oxford Polymers
Oxpekk Polyketone Oxford Performance Materials
Oxy Vinyl Occidental
Oxyblend Vinyl Occidental
Oxyclear PET barrier resin Invista
OxyVinyl PVC Occidental

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